Sunday, August 30, 2009

So I know it's been pretty much forever since I last posted something, but I've been busy working all summer ok! So here's some stuff that I entered in the Saskatoon EX, for their art show thinger.

This painting was for the 'theme class' which for this year was 'Call of the Wild'. I decided to take them literally. My painting skills still leave a lot to be desired.... I mostly just like the fact that the zebra looks like it's dishing some pretty juicy gossip to the other animals...

I also entered a sculpture of one of my favorite people ever...Ellen Degeneres! So what if I'm a super dork? I made Ellen out of sculpy, and then the chair was a result of wire, cardboard, cottonballs and many hot glue gun burns.

The hands unfortunately broke, probably because Ellen got too tired of holding herself up like that in her chair. She does have super talkshow host muscles, but that's got to get tiring after a while!