Friday, November 30, 2012

Ty Carter

I was at CTN the weekend before last and had the chance to go a great workshop with Ty Carter about becoming a professional student.  He's having a Holiday Giveaway contest right now, so if you're interested in art or animation or just awesome stuff in general you should check it out!

Slothy goodness.

I have been slightly obsessed with sloths lately.  I have my good friend Catherine to thank for that.  She sent me a video of a baby sloth, and I was overcome by how incredibly weird and adorable these little creatures were.  It was Catherine's birthday last month, so I decided that I would make her a sloth of her very own!

I started off with a couple of sketches



And then made the body out of felt



And gave it a wire skeleton so that the legs would be posable.


I covered the toes in fun foam and then made the legs out of felt and attached them


I sewed everything together, stuffed him up a little and gave him a friendly little face.




I got my mom to hold up a paper towel roll branch for him to hang off of.  She was also enjoying a caramel apple sucker...


Schoolism Week 6

In Week 6 we learned all about custom brushes and how to make them.  We covered general painting/sketching brushes, photo brushes, texture brushes, effect brushes and stamp brushes.

Brush Samples

I had always wondered how people created their own brushes and got certain effects in their work, so I was really glad that we got to learn how to make our own custom brushes. I also really enjoyed seeing all of the different ways that you can use them to get awesome effects.  I think that for where I am right now in my digital painting I will mostly just be using the basic brushes though.