Thursday, December 17, 2009

A very late Halloween post

Guess who likes Disney/Pixar's "Up"?!... If you guessed me then you sir and/or madam are correct! Because of my love for Up I decided to would go as one of the characters for Halloween. And of course I had to pick the most ridiculous character...Kevin! I made the costume out of wire, cardboard, felt, fun foam, and lots and lots of hot glue and duct tape.

I also made the body out of a cardboard box, some fibrefill and many feathers. Without the feathers it looked like the body of a very out of shape elderly woman. It was kind of gross.

Many feathers and hot glue gun burns later....


I wore it to work on Halloween and won the costume contest! I recieved a lot of interesting comments from customers, some calling me Big Bird and some just giving me looks as if they had never seen a crazy person inside of a giant bird costume before. Even though the head kept hitting the menu boards behind me and my neck and back were really sore afterwards I still think that it was worth it. It was also really interesting trying to reach around an enormous bird belly to get change out of a till...

"You didn't take your tent number!"