Sunday, July 31, 2011

I forgot some!

So I forgot a couple of cake pictures in my last post and here they are!  I made this cake for my sister earlier this year because she LOVES True Blood.  It's probably the most detailed cake that I've done so far (except for maybe the Taylor Lautner one).

There was a lot of gel on this cake...

I also made her birthday cookies!

And because my sister enjoys watching Jersey Shore (I have no idea why...) I decided to make her Snooki cookies, or 'Snookies'.

Look at that healthy orange glow!

 I found a picture of a Japanese felt dog kit so I decided to try making one for my sister because she loves the doggies.  This was the beginning of my felt addiction.

This was a birthday cake that I made for myself a couple of years ago featuring a character from my very long in progress student film.  Maybe someday I'll finish it... The cake got two thumbs up and a tongue....

This was a cake that my friends wanted me to do for another friend of theirs.  Their friend was terrified of E.T. so they thought that they should put it on her birthday cake.  They're such nice people.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

5 Years

July 3rd was my 5 year anniversary for working at Dairy Queen.  There are only 3 other people who have worked there for that long, because not many people are crazy enough to do it.  It's a decent job to have while going to school but it can be terribly stressful at times.

One of my managers was super nice and made me a sign and put it up in the back of the restaurant.

She also brought in some cupcakes!  With RAINBOW SPRINKLES!  Anyways, I haven't posted any cake pictures in a while so I figured that now was a good time to throw some up here!  Enjoy!

This was a birthday cake that I made for a friend of mine. She's a huge 'A Very Potter Musical' fan, and she is adamant that she will one day marry Neville Longbottom.

This was a birthday cake for another friend of mine.  She told me to do something with a Disney theme and I was quite excited about it!  I titled this cake, "The Reason Why Simba No Longer Gets Invited To Parties".

I didn't manage to get a closer picture of this one, but it was for another friend of mine who wanted a Disney/Harry Potter/Music theme.  So of course I put Harry and Ariel singing karaoke under the sea.

This cake was for my cousins birthday.  He plays on a baseball team called the pirates so I put a baseball playing pirate on the cake.  My other cousin LOVES the 'whippy' icing so I put some extra on the sides.

This cake wasn't for an order, but i found the picture of the fish and decided that there needed to be a reason for his mouth to be open.

I called this cake 'Tyrannosaurus Rad'

I made this cake for my mom's birthday.  I put all 3 of our doggies on it!

This is what happens when you give me free reign with your cake.  I made this one for another friend of mine, and it was my first attempt at a '3D' cake.  Ice cream is not easy to sculpt...  I also got to put a terrible pun on the cake which made me very happy.

I made the unicorn out of the 'whippy' icing.

Best Friends Forever.

This was for another friend who wanted a duck sitting on top of a cupcake.

This was also for my cousin Mark, but from the year before.  He really loves Dr Pepper.  A lot.

I did not decorate my cake, but it was decorated for me by the wonderful Kristal for my birthday!  Kristal is one of the main cake decorators and I told her to do whatever she wanted on the cake.  She made it Glee themed and put Brittany, one of my favorite characters on it saying one of her ridiculous one liners.

My friend was wanting to order a cake for her homeroom class, but wasn't sure what to put on it.  I was standing nearby and told her that she should have a Dinosaur riding a monster truck, chasing a unicorn on a motorcycle on top of a rainbow with aliens shooting lasers at them.  She thought that was a marvelous idea.  I am a terrible influence.

So this isn't a cake, but it's a child's shoe that we found in the lobby and I decorated.  This is what I do at work.  You know, as well as all of the other work type things that I'm supposed to do...Hopefully my managers aren't reading this...  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The End of a Magical Journey

So it's been awhile since I last posted something up here, but I've been pretty busy!  I started class 3 at Animation Mentor (I'll write more about it in a bit) and I've been finishing up some side projects and starting new ones...even though I don't have the time for them, hahaha.  My latest project was in celebration of the very last Harry Potter movie.  I, being the nerdy person that I am have dressed up in costume for just about every Harry Potter related event that I've gone to be it book release, movie release or other things.  I had made a set of gryffindor robes a couple of years ago when I went on a Harry Potter fan trip in England/Scotland and had been wearing them each week when I went to see the re-releases of the past 7 films leading up to the last one.  Seeing as how this was the last movie I wanted to create a special costume, one that was very unlikely to be worn by someone else waiting in line.  I decided to be....Buckbeak.

I have always enjoyed Buckbeak and it seemed like it would be just ridiculous enough to suit me.  I made the head out of fun foam and felt (my two weapons of choice) as well as some extra padding and acrylic paint.  Here are some pictures of my sister modeling the unfinished head.

Luckily my sisters umbrella had broken earlier on sunday (there was no sabotage involved, I swear!) so I was able to take it apart and use it for the main structure of the wings.

I cut feathers out of felt and hot glued them together.

After all of the feathers were cut out I glued them to the umbrella leftovers.

I glued a big piece of white felt over the top to cover the umbrella parts as well.

To make the costume even more ridiculous I decided to make a little tiny Harry to ride on my back.

Here's his head pre-hair and body.

And here he is with hair and a body!  He also kind of looks like he's wearing a wifebeater...

I made him a shirt and tie so that he would look a little more presentable.

 Through the wonders of Velcro he got to ride on my/buckbeaks back!

He peeked over my shoulder.  His little pipe cleaner glasses look so cute on him!

We met a very tall Hagrid in the lobby.

Harry put on my friend Keaira's wig and looked a little like Sally Jessy Raphael.

There were special Harry Potter 3D glasses!  We were twins.

My friend and I tried to re-create the poster of Harry and Voldemort.

It didn't work so well...

Probably because I have a nose.

This is my 'battle of Hogwarts' face.

We also joined in on Pooh's grand adventure!

I really really loved the movie and I think that it was a great end to the series.  McGonagall was pretty bad-ass in it which I especially enjoyed.  She reminded me a bit of Angela Lansbury in Bedknobs and Broomsticks!  I came very close to crying at certain parts of the movie, but I didn't end up crying for a straight 45 minutes like some of the people that I went with, hahaha.
I am definitely sad that there will be no more Harry Potter movies or books as they have been such a big part of my life.  I will always have the book to re-read or the movies to re-watch though, so that the magic can live on forever!  I can also just run over to the Dollarama and buy some sparklers to have a wizard fight as well...Good times.