Sunday, July 31, 2011

I forgot some!

So I forgot a couple of cake pictures in my last post and here they are!  I made this cake for my sister earlier this year because she LOVES True Blood.  It's probably the most detailed cake that I've done so far (except for maybe the Taylor Lautner one).

There was a lot of gel on this cake...

I also made her birthday cookies!

And because my sister enjoys watching Jersey Shore (I have no idea why...) I decided to make her Snooki cookies, or 'Snookies'.

Look at that healthy orange glow!

 I found a picture of a Japanese felt dog kit so I decided to try making one for my sister because she loves the doggies.  This was the beginning of my felt addiction.

This was a birthday cake that I made for myself a couple of years ago featuring a character from my very long in progress student film.  Maybe someday I'll finish it... The cake got two thumbs up and a tongue....

This was a cake that my friends wanted me to do for another friend of theirs.  Their friend was terrified of E.T. so they thought that they should put it on her birthday cake.  They're such nice people.

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