Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Late Halloween Post

My Halloween posts always seem to happen in December...Anyways, for Halloween this year I decided to dress up as the Robot Unicorn from the incredibly addicting internet game Robot Unicorn Attack. I get a little competitive when it comes to my costume contest at work, so I went all out.

I used thin cardboard to make the basic structure for the head.

And then I gradually covered it in white fun foam.

I put tiny led lights in the eyes to make them glow.

I made a fun foam vest with Velcro straps and a detachable tail that I painted in rainbow colors.  I also used a light purple color to add accents to the body and the head.

I wore white pants, a white shirt and white shoes.  I had to take the head off while I was decorating cakes, because I didn't want it to fall onto one.  Without the head I looked a little bit like a fencer or an albino ninja turtle...but I won the costume contest!  Hurray!
A couple of friends of mine and I decided to make a Harry Potter themed haunted house for the kids to go through before getting their candy. 

There were Dementors and spiderwebs hanging from the ceiling.

A giant spider stood guard over the door. 

We decided to make a Harry.  Our supplies included a Gryfindor cloak and scarf, a tripod and some towels/shirts to stuff him with.

Harry ended up having a very large potbelly.  He had really let himself go...

We printed out a picture of his face to complete the majestic Harry dummy.

We tied his arm up with dental floss (which is REALLY strong) and stuck a stick in the sleeve as a wand.  We also stuck a mini strobe light in his sleeve so that it would look like he was casting a spell.  There was a cd with an audio clip of him saying 'Expecto Patronum' that we played in the background on a loop so that it looked like he was expelling the dementors.  It mostly just looked ridiculous though.

For my own front yard I made a thoughtful looking skeleton to hang out in one of the bushes.

Ghosty was also hanging out in the front yard, and greeted people with his lovely ghost singing.

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