Thursday, April 28, 2011

Animation Mentor Class 2-week 2-4

Ok, so blogger finally decided that it wanted to let me upload video files again, so I can finally post what I`ve been doing for the past few weeks.  For week 2 we had to take our video reference and thumbnail poses and translate them into Maya to begin actually blocking out our assignment.  For the basic blocking we just had to get the basic timing, key poses and breakdowns in there.  Here`s what my first pass at it looks like. 

In week 3 we had to take our blocking pass and start a `blocking plus`pass.  We had to incorporate our mentors notes and start to move it out of stepped mode and into splined.  In Pete`s feedback he said that the wind up for the kick needed to have more of a bounce to it and more of a squash and stretch into the jump and kick.  I re-blocked it out incorporating those notes.


I started moving into the dreaded spline mode and this is how it turned out.

The timing turned out being really even and the kick was way too slow... I had a LOT of trouble trying to get Maya to do what I wanted this week and it was really frustrating.

In week 4 we had to take our mentors notes and start to refine our animation.  My biggest problem was timing, so I worked on it a lot.  Pete also suggested a slightly different approach to the fake out and wind up to the kick, so I took a shot at that.  I was still having trouble with Maya and it turned out looking a little choppy.  The speed of the kick worked out better though.


When I get time I might revisit it and try to make it smoother, but for now I`m just going to move on to my next assignment.  The drunken stumble! 

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