Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hazard Wolf and Terror Tiger

So a couple of my friends from work were moving to Edmonton for schooling and I decided to make them a going away present.  One of those friends (the lovely Shannon) kept asking me to do an original sketch for her, so I granted her wish!  I can't really remember how it started, but all of the supervisors at the Dairy Queen that I work at got crazy awesome nicknames.  Nicknames that sound like something out of an 80's/90's Saturday morning cartoon.  They all consist of an animal and a 'dangerous sounding word'.  Shannon got the awesome nickname HAZARD WOLF, and Paige got to be TERROR TIGER.   I thought that it would be fun to try and illustrate those awesome nicknames and this is how they turned out.

I also added in some of the incredibly annoying children who come and cause destruction and chaos during the school year.  We love them so.

I still plan on doing the rest of the supervisor squad (for lack of a better name) when I actually have some spare time.  I would also like to do a big group shot and color it.  

I also did a quick one of my awesome nickname....DANGER HAWK.

Danger Hawk out.

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