Friday, July 20, 2012

Paper Adventures

For my USCAD graduation show way back in 2010 I did a sort of multiplane camera type piece consisting of different layers of a background separated slightly to give the illusion of depth.  Ever since then I've been playing around with different techniques to get a similar look.  The amazingly talented Brittney Lee has been a huge inspiration to me with her super cool paper sculpts so I decided to try some out myself!  I had never done anything like this before so I kind of made it up as I went along.

The first one was for the Saskatoon Exhibition's Showcase of the Arts last year.  Their theme class was 'Blast from the Past' so I decided to do a piece with a blast waaaay in the past.

I started out with a rough sketch

And then cut everything out of paper.  It was a lot of cutting...I used my trusty glue stick to put it all together.  I like how it turned out, but I would have liked to get a bit more depth into it.  I may still add some accents with paint. 

The next two I did for my friends for their birthdays!  They are both big Disney fans like myself so I decided to do a scene from the Little Mermaid and the Sword in the Stone.  Looking through my dvd's for scene's was pretty entertaining.  Especially seeing the individual frames of Ursula during Poor Unfortunate Souls. They were pretty fabulous.

I especially enjoyed this one.

They ended up having more depth than the Blast from the Past one and I really like how they turned out!

I gave her some lovely red nail polish with paint.

The second scene that I chose was the wizard's duel between Merlin and Madam Mim.   It's just a really wonderful scene.

I made sure to add the 'magic' accents afterwards.

This last one was a gift for my aunt for her 50th birthday.  We both really like dragons, because really, who doesn't?  

I did a rough sketch of a dragon hanging out with a giant '50' and looking pretty excited about eating some cake.

I made the '50' out of foam and the rest was cut out of paper.  I had a bit more room to work with in the frame I had, so I tried to push the levels of depth and make it as three dimensional as I could.

He's pretty pumped about that cake.


My aunt really liked it but wasn't so thrilled that everyone would see that she was 50 when she hung it up on her wall... :)

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