Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Modeling a Portrait Head

I took a modeling and casting a portrait head class last term where we had to make a sculpture of a head from a model and then create a mold for it to cast it in wax. The first couple of classes were spent filling out the basic shapes and forms of the head. We ran out of the darker plasticine after my head was 'bulked out' and so I had to use a lighter color to actually create the face and rest of the head on top of the darker stuff. Mine started to look quite a bit like a Mrs. Doubtfire facial mask so I made it some eye cucumbers...

My head then decided to join Cirque du Soleil.

We had the model in for one last class when we were close to being done the modeling part of the class to make sure that we had the correct measurements for the different parts of the face. Mine looked like the model from certain angles, but also looked a bit like Christopher Walken. Especially when viewed looking down at the forehead... I thought that it needed a little something extra so I made it a monocle and some tiny hands to hold it.

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