Sunday, September 5, 2010


So I thought that I would post some pictures of some of the ridiculous cakes that I have made both on my own and at work mostly because I have been making an excessive amount of them lately...

I made this cake for my friend Murray's birthday. He likes Ferrari's.

He also likes Jackie Chan. Enough to kidnap him.

I made this cake for my friend's Kirk and Kendall for their birthday. It was Scooby Doo themed.

I also made them a Scooby Doo to take on all of their mystery solving adventures.

I made this cake for a little mermaid watching party.

This cake was also for Kirk and Kendall's birthday, but from the year before. It features the lovely Leslie Hall. I hope to one day witness her live in all of her razzle dazzle glory. The cake itself was made using a Hulk Hogan cake pan.

If you don't know who Leslie Hall is, then prepare to have your life changed.

The next series of pictures are of cakes that I decorated at work. They are all ice cream cakes.

I did this one while I was really bored at work. It's the swamp thing!

A customer wanted to order a Jacob cake, but our edible image printer was broken. My manager challenged me to put him on a cake and make it actually recognizable as him. I love a good challenge.

He had very shiny abs.

Here's the photo comparison.

I made this one for my mom. I put her favorite child on the cake.

Sometimes the white whippy pail is a little bit haunted...

I did this one for my friend's birthday. It has the robot unicorn on it!!!! And Mario.

"Always, I want to be with you. And make believe with you. And live in harmony, harmony..."

There was a picture of a giraffe in the cake area, but it was lifting it's front leg for some reason. I decided that it was to step on a detonator. I called it, "Diabolical Giraffe".

Then I added in some flying chunks of debris for effect.

I called this one, "Worm Dance Party".

And this one, "BFF's"

This one was a cake order featuring Arnold.

BFF's Volume 2

"World Domination"

"Dinosaur Party"

I did this one for a friend at work. His first mistake was telling me to do whatever I wanted on the cake. So I put a duck and a hula hooping dinosaur wearing sunglasses dancing to technotronic.


  1. Hey Erica! I can't wait to see more of your film, looks great. You should turn your cakes into some stop motion animation, i think that would be really unique fun. Keep up the good work.

  2. These cakes are awesome. Where exactly do you work? Because I can't really imagine a store awesome enough for you to make a random Swamp Thing cake unless somebody specifically ordered it.

  3. Why thank you Anna! I have an extremely glamorous job at a Dairy Queen, I supervise and occasionally get to decorate cakes! I've worked there for a REALLY long time, so by now they're used to my 'creativity' (or weirdness as my manager calls it) and sometimes let me have free reign with the cakes. I've warned them numerous times about what will happen if they just let me do what I want, but they never seem to learn their lesson, hahaha.