Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sketch Blog Week 1 - Worst Hero

So I recently joined a Sketch Blog with some of my soon to be fellow students from the online animation school, Animation Mentor.  Every week we are given a new drawing challenge (which is voted on by the blog members) and then we have to come up with something delightful for it.  The first week's challenge was Worst Hero.

The Worst Hero that I submitted was Swordface.

Name: Swordface!

Superpower: Cutting things. With his face.

Weaknesses: Hats, doorways that aren’t very high.

In his spare time Swordface likes to chop up vegetables and sharpen and polish his face. When not cutting bad guys down to size (pun intended), he wears a pair of magnetic clip-on sunglasses to conceal his identity.

I came up with a second Worst Hero idea, but didn't end up posting it on the blog, so here it is!

Name: Sardine Man

Sardine Man can shoot Omega 3 Fatty Acids out of his fin-hands at bad guys, but it acually just makes them healthier...He is also extremely oily, which makes catching bad guys quite difficult.  They usually end up just slipping through his fin-gers.  When Sardine Man actually does catch the bad guys he packs them up nice and tight in his special Sardine Tin and delivers them to the police.  He also has a very distinct odor, which makes him not the most popular of heros.

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