Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maya Springboard

So last fall I was accepted into the amazing online animation school Animation Mentor, and I took their Maya Springboard class from late September to Mid December so that I could learn Maya to the extent that I would need to, to be able to use it for the assignments.  We had Jared Garcia as our instructor who is a former Animation Mentor student and a super cool guy!  These are some of my assignments from that class. 

Our very first assignment was to take a picture of this shelf with objects on it and try and replicate it as closely as we could.

Our second assignment was to create a character and set up a hierarchy for the limbs, head, torso, etc.

We then had to build a set for our character.  I tried to find the most garish textures for my room, and I even put our class mascot-the Hang In There Kitty on the picture on the outside of the wall safe.

Next we had to add lights and cameras to the room.

For our first animation assignment we had to do a simple bouncing ball.  It wasn't supposed to look particularly good, it was most so that we could practise moving things around and setting keyframes.  My ball was REALLY happy, despite the fact that he was bouncing towards a bottomless pit!

Then we had to try to get our ball to move in as close to a perfect circle as we could manage.

For our next assignment we learned how to import characters into our scenes.

This assignment was done over two weeks.  The first week we blocked out the animation, and the second week we learned how to constrain the cup to the robot arm.

For our last assignment we had to take the one legged character and make it take a step or jump.  I put mine on a treadmill so that his jumping in place would make more sense.  It looks like he set the treadmill on really fast though!

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