Monday, January 23, 2012

It's a DRAGON?!

So I promised to try posting things more often, and here's some stuff!  I made this little guy a few months ago.  He was my second 'felty' experiment (after the dog for my sister and before little Harry).  I wanted to make a dragon that looked a bit like the 'Terrible Terror' from How to Train Your Dragon.  I had found some wonderful scaly looking felt at Michaels and thought that it would work perfectly.  I did some quick sketches of how I wanted him to look and then tried to figure out some sort of a pattern off of those to cut the pieces out.  There was a lot of trial and error involved, but this is what the main 'body shell' (for lack of a better term...) ended up looking like.  I made sure to give him some lovely bulgy eyes and twisty looking horns as well!

You can really notice all of the nerdy things that I have in my closet in this picture...  Superman is gettin' his creep on.

The little white pins in his back were to mark where his wings were supposed to go.

I put a little armature inside of him so that he would stand up and I could put him in dragony poses.

Then he was given the power of flight.  One wing at a time.

And a lower jaw as well!  I left the end of the 'snout' open so that I could stuff the head once the neck was sowed onto the lower jaw.  I could push the fabric in a bit and it made it look like he had a hilarious little mouth.  I quite enjoyed it.

Here's more of the armature inside.  And look, he has little toes too!

Voila!  The finished Dragon! Also, my pitiful attempt to create a plain 'backdrop' with one of my sketchbooks....


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