Friday, October 19, 2012

Schoolism Week 2 and 3

So after watching my critique from Andrew on my week 1 assignment I went back and re-drew the sloth giving it more volume and form and making it looks less like a scary, gangly monster.  I fixed up the arms as well to give the drawing a bit more flow.  We then had to do a pass of the shadows and highlights.  I was still getting used to the pressure sensitivity and drawing with a tablet in general so it turned out a little messy.

Then came the time to COLOR IT!  We learned about all of the blend modes for layers, which are super cool.  He also showed us how to mask off your drawing which makes not coloring outside of the lines a lot easier.

After watching Andrews week 3 critique I went back and toned down the highlights and fixed up the background.  I also brought out the features of his fuzzy little face a bit more.

"There ain't no party like a Sloth Club party."

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  1. lookit those downy tufts of fur! Are you gonna paint another sloth to practice what you've learned? Or maybe a hawk?