Friday, July 9, 2010

These are a couple of paintings that I did a while ago in one of my developing design classes in the USCAD program. I'm posting them in an attempt to post things a little more regularly (we'll see how that goes...). I'll post them a couple at a time because longer, picture filled posts are sometimes tricky. And here are the first two!

I call this one 'Lizard Foot' because that's sort of what it looks like to me. We were supposed to experiment with different techniques like color, collage, paint application and stuff like that. I was really excited to use some of my shiny metallic paint and used it for the lizard foot type thing and on the cutout strips of paper. It also kind of looks like the lizard is stepping on chunks of cheese that may or may not be exploding in some places...

For this piece we were supposed to combine different pictures, so I took two different drawings from my sketchbook; a goat that I sketched at the zoo and some jazzy beatnik type characters that I had on another page. I really like the simplistic character designs from UPA cartoons in the 50's so I designed my musicians in a similar style. The entire time I was painting the pink goat my instructor was convinced that it was a cow...luckily it ended up looking more goat-like by the time I was finished. I originally wanted the goat to look a little more upset at having it's slumber disturbed, but I think that it turned out ok anyways. I haven't decided on a name yet, but it will probably be something cheesy like 'jazzy dreams' although I really hope that I can come up with something wittier than that. Any better name suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. No name suggestions, but you jazz guys make me think of the old Warner Bros. The Three Little Pigs where they are all beatnics and the Big Bad Wolf wants to play in their band.

    "The Big Bad Wolf, he learned the rule. You gotta get hot to play real cool."

  2. I love that short! Especially when the crowd gets up to dance!