Sunday, July 11, 2010

This first painting was done when we had a model in my developing design class. We did some warm up gestures and then a quick painting where we were only allowed to use black, white and one color to paint the model. This is the second painting that I did of the model and I did it a little less realistic than the first one. Because of how blank her expression turned out I decided to put something crazy in the backround. I also got to use my metallic paint again for the grass and was pretty excited about that!

The second painting which is being called 'Office Chicken' until I think of a better name came out of a squiggle drawing that I had done in my sketchbook. We were supposed to do something with some perspective in it to give it a bit of depth which is where the cubicles came from. My favorite part is probably the #1 Dad mug in the corner with the picture of his kids on it. His computer monitor is also very small compared to his head....maybe that's why he wears those glasses.

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