Saturday, June 4, 2011

Living with Rob and Shauna Part 5

And here is my last batch of pictures for the Living with Rob and Shauna contest.

At the Berry Barn which is full of deliciousness!

With a tandem bicycle

At an off leash dog park with Amigo.  He couldn't go off leash though because he's grumpy around other dogs...

With John Gormley from CKOM Newstalk radio!

Sitting in the back of a limo

We all dressed up to meet Mayor Don Atchison who has the distinction of being voted Canada's Craziest Mayor.  

At a very cold soccer game.

With the real Shauna!  

Which ones are real?!

With Rob and Shauna's boss Mike aka Cabbagehead.

Getting the 'T' in our 'GTL' at Spa Ahava

With Tim Stone (also from C95)

With Paul Merriman

At the very smelly landfill

Where they keep the herds of strawberries

Apparently Saskatoon is shiny?

In Boomtown at the Western Development Museum

Riding a bike on the Meewasin  Valley Trail

'Driving'  a luxury vehicle.  My dad wanted to sit in the car too.

With some rush hour traffic downtown

Backstage at Credit Union Center 

Inside of a police cell in Boomtown because the actual police wouldn't let us into an actual cell to take a picture.  It unfortunately didn't count though...  The worried look on my face is less about the cell and more about the terrifying mannequin sitting beside the cell...The WDM mannequins have always been exceptionally scary to me ever since I was little...

Playing on the beach

At cranberry flats where the mosquitoes feasted upon us.

Golfing at the Willows

In front of the Kinsmen showhome

On the ice at a hockey arena

Getting super excited about bowling

Getting super buff

Going for a swim

Becoming speed demons

At the driving range where more mosquitoes feasted upon me

Mini golfing at Putt and Bounce

In a spin class

'Suntanning' on the beach.  I didn't want them to burn...

Dancing the night away at Tequila nightclub


Going down the waterslide! Weeeeeee!

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