Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Living with Rob and Shauna Part 1

Here are a bunch of the ridiculous pictures that I've taken so far.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped me with these so far!  Especially my photographers Paige and Charli!

By the double decker bus on 21st street

Walking my doggies

With a convenience store clerk

In the coop.  We found Miracle Whip!

With a moovelous cow.  I named it lady Moomalade.

With the Diefenbaker statue on 21st street

With the Ghandi statue on 21st street

Pumping some gas.  It looks like I was having the time of my life.

Grill and Chilling at work.

In front of the hamburger menu at Jerry's

Reading a Harry Potter book at the library.  I think that everyone had just died...

Shauna was enjoying some fries at McDonalds

With a group of 5 or more people at Dairy Queen

Dining at a restaurant.  Shauna was so hungry that she even ate the lemon!

With a Bellboy at the Bessborough.  My sister wanted to go back and take more pictures with him, hahaha.

On the University bridge.  

On the bridge again.  It was so windy up there...I though that Rob and Shauna were going to fly away into the river.

I found Rob a dazzling sweater at Old Navy.  It was sparkly.

I had to help Rob and Shauna jump on the trampoline because their legs would not bend...

I found the REAL Rob!  It took a couple of tries to get him actually in the picture though.  Also, I have super saiyan hair.


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