Thursday, May 26, 2011

Living with Rob and Shauna Part 4 and the zoo!

They didn't accept my other Dakota Dunes picture, so hopefully they accept this one from outside of the casino...

With the lions at the forestry farm.

"Lions and standees and me, Oh My!"

The lion was really interested in Rob and Shauna's behinds.

I also had to take a picture with a llama or a goat.  We couldn't find a llama, but we found some goats!  And there were even baby ones!  Also, I look like I'm on some pretty strong drugs in this picture...

The animals were unusually active at the forestry farm and seemed quite interested in the giant cardboard people that I had with me so I was able to get some decent pictures of them!  

Mr. Lion was very sleepy

So was Mrs. Lion

These animals were mesmerized by Rob and Shauna.  Could they tell that they were in the midst of local celebrities?

This one had the best facial expression EVER.

"Git off my lawn..."

This ram had a crazy face.  And some creepy hillbilly teeth...

Some Bison or 'Buffalos' as I like to call them

This one gave me the shifty eye.

Baby goosies!


This bear hates Mondays.

Baby goat!

This one wanted a piggyback ride.

This peacock and the goats were BFFs.  I would have loved to spend more time with the baby goats but the mosquitoes were eating us alive!  I'm surprised that I still have blood left in my legs...

This bunny looked like it had no legs.

lots of bunnies!

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