Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Living with Rob and Shauna Part 2

And some more pictures.

With the dinosaur bones in the geology building at the University of Saskatchewan


Look at that creeper with the stegosaurus...

The T-rex was dishing some juicy gossip to me about the triceratops.  

Watching a movie in a movie theater.

"Oh, No!"

In front of an outdoor fountain with some birds that had an unfortunate encounter with the evil White Witch from Narnia...

At the bank where Rob tried to steal my pin number.

In front of City Hall

With the giant light-up palm tree in front of Jax Nightclub

With the fabulous Sailor Dan and one of his lovely boat drawings.

Getting on the bus

With the runner statue by the bridge


Checking my invisible watch while we wait for the bus

Playing in the park

Teaching an imaginary class at the University of Saskatchewan.  My friend and I had to sneak into an unoccupied classroom at night to take this picture.  We felt like ninja spies.

Drinking coffee at Tim Hortons

We had to get one of us feeding birds in the park which proved more difficult than you'd think.

I had to slowly lure them towards Rob and Shauna with chunks of 'crusty bun'

They got closer...

And closer...

And then they started getting a little too close and I got a little scared...

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