Monday, May 16, 2011

What have I gotten myself into....

So I recently entered a contest with a local radio station (C95)  where you would have to go around and take pictures with a giant cardboard cut-out of the two morning show hosts at different places around Saskatoon and with local celebrities for 'paparazzi points'.  I never actually thought that I would be ever be selected as a contestant.  And then last Wednesday I received a call asking me to come down the the radio station for an interview.  There were two other girls in my group interview all pretty close to my age and we were asked questions about the radio station and what we would do with the prize money if we won (it's $2000.00 by the way!).  We all made it through to the 'finals' and so the next day at 5:00 we went back to the radio station to be briefed on the details of the contest and to receive our new cardboard friends.

We were given a list of locations and local celebrities to get pictures with with a corresponding point value for each one.  The person who gets the most points at the end of the contest wins the money.  There are 30 people in total (including me) participating in the contest, so I have some very stiff competition.  The rules state that both the cut-out and I have to be in every photo and that absolutely no photoshop or altering of the photos is allowed.  The list of locations/celebrities was a lot longer than I expected and the cardboard cut-out is VERY large.  I'm going to try and post the photos that I take for the contest as I go so that you all can see what kind of craziness I have gotten myself into.  I think that they are also going to post them on this website once they are approved.  They encouraged us to be 'creative' with the pictures so you can expect lots of ridiculous and staged photos.  This is going to be way more work than I thought it would be...

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