Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Animation Mentor Class 5 part 1

So I am about to finish class 5 (Advanced Acting) at AM, and I thought that I would update you on all that has happened over the term!  My mentor for class 5 was the fabulous Peter Kelly from ILM.  He has been there for quite some time and has worked on a number of awesome projects like Rango, Star Wars Episodes II and III, Iron Man, the upcoming Avengers movie and many more!  Peter was always great at pushing my work and being super supportive at the same time.  Out of all of my mentors so far he has probably had the most passion for animating or even just animation in general, which was really inspiring!  Plus he's a super nice guy!

Anyways, for our first assignment of the term we had to take our shot from class 4 and do the facial animation/lip sync on it!  We had to film some reference of our face as we said the line of dialogue, then write it out phonetically and to some planning sketches.

My planning sketches were a little rough and gross looking but they're just for planning...

Then we did our first pass on the face.

Then, in week 2 we had to use the bishop rig and pose it in two different facial expressions from photos.  

We also did our second pass on the face.  I worked a little more on the eyes and brows, as well as smoothing out the lip sync a bit more.

In week 3 we had another 2 face poses.

And our final-ish pass on the face.

I also tried customizing the Bishop 2.0 rig so that it wouldn't just be the plain ol' bishop.  It still needs some work, but that's what class 6 is for! 

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