Friday, March 23, 2012

Animation Mentor Class 5 part 3

Week 8

I did my first rough pass on the lip sync this week and I worked on pushing my poses.

Week 9

I started working on my second character!!!! I also continued to work on refining my first shot.

Week 10

More polishing and pushing the animation overall. I hid the card in his hand because I had to do some IK/FK witching on the one arm to get the gesture looking more intense and direct.  I also worked on the last shot.  My computer and maya had a fight though and I ended up losing a lot of work that I had done on the last shot right before I had to hand it in.  IT WAS LOVELY. 

Week 11

This was the last week that we had to work on our assignment for this term.  I had a lot of work to do...  I had to finish the last shot, add in a book shelf, re-constrain the card to his hand, fix up a lot of the third shot, and polish up everything so that it was nice a shiny.

I still have a lot of polishing to do overall, but that is what class 6-polishing and portfolio is for!  

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