Thursday, March 22, 2012

Animation Mentor Class 5 part 2

For our second assignment of class 5 we got to work on a two person dialogue shot!  In week 4 we picked 3 possible audio clips and submitted them to get feedback on which one would be the best option to work on.  My computer decided to have a stroke or meltdown or something equally as wonderful this week and the audio on my computer completely quit working.  It made it quite difficult to start working on a dialogue assignment...  I had luckily picked out a bunch of possible clips way in advance, so I was able to get my assignment in on time.

We also had to do one facial expression pose.  I chose one of the lovely Zack Levi.

Week 5

My dad was luckily able to use his computer wizardry to get my computer somewhat up and running again.  (yay dad!)  We still had to completely wipe my hard drive and re-load everything back onto my computer.  I was really glad to have had my portable hard drive to back things up on!  The first half of my week was spent trying to get my computer close to being back to where it was, and then the rest was spent on my assignment.  I picked clip #2 out of the 3 clips and shot some reference of myself arguing with myself.  I think I won.

Then we did a rough layout pass to figure out what our shots would look like and where we would place the cameras.

Then I did some planning sketches.

Peter really liked my reference and planning stuff this week which was pretty cool!  

Week 6

We started blocking out our shots this week.

I stayed pretty close to my reference with my initial blocking pass, and the poses weren't terribly exciting.  I was still having computer problems this week, but I did my best to get at least a very basic blocking pass on all 4 of my shots so that I could show what my idea was for the whole scene.

We also had to do another face pose.

Week 7

In week 7 I just worked on the 1st shot and tried to get more motion in the body of the character so that he wouldn't look so stiff.

And another face pose!  Featuring the fantastic and amazing Angela Lansbury

I did this one as well, but decided to hand in the first one.

I'll post the rest of my work from class 5 very soon!

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