Monday, March 14, 2011

Alligator Vomit

So for my graphic novel class we had to do a 'slice of life' comic where we took something from our own lives be it happy/funny/sad/etc. and somehow make it into a comic strip.  I decided to use a somewhat traumatizing moment from 2nd grade where I was playing an alligator in the school play (I think it was about African animals?) and I threw up right in the middle of it.  My teacher and mother grabbed me out of the chorus and took me into the next room and got me cleaned up and I never saw that glorious alligator costume again.  Well at least it makes for a fun story.

Here's the inked version.  I had fun designing the animal costumes!

And because I am an over achiever I colored it too!

I fixed the audience panel because it was kind of crappy...  I've had a lot of comments on how nice the vomit looks.  The only downside to choosing this as my slice of life is that my nickname in class is now 'Alligator Vomit'...

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